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Hey all,Wow, lots of love for the Hag's cure.But I wanted to jump in here and correct a few misconceptions about what we changed since this thread is moving quickly.The Hag's curse is still in the game, the quests around it are untouched and you still get to turn in to a werewolf just like before. All that changed was how the NPCs react to you on sight.You can see Mort's original post about the change in the blow link, but to quote him
"We've recently changed this so now NPCs in Gloamwood will consider you a threat, but will no longer outright attack you on sight. In short, combat with them is now 'opt-in' while you are polymorphed into a werewolf as part of the Hag's Curse."
http://forums.riftgame.com/showthrea...s-curse./page3We felt the change to how NPCs view you allowed us to keep all of the great story and flavor, while preserving the game-play for the people who liked it. We love the curse, and appreciate the responses to the change, obviously people feel strongly about it (which is great!).Keep the feedback coming, and if you get a chance, check it out the changes in game and let us know how it feels. We've already got an eye on this, and we're going to keep watching it.Cheers--EH
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