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Hey everyone, I had a couple of random posts I wanted to get out tonight, one of them being on the differences between Hot Fixes and Class Balance patches.There has been a lot of traffic on the forums questioning why we have been making small changes here and there but havent yet put out a large patch to deal with XXX or YYY. Ultimately what it comes down to is what we do via Hot Fixes and what we do via balance passes.Hot fixes, in general encompass easy, low risk items that traditionally target a specific ability or set of abilities that are broken and not functioning as intended, or that we find are being used to trivialize specific pieces of content. Many of these are small systematic changes in response to various events in the game, and can occur on a daily basis.Balance Passes, are less frequent and instead target larger issues that would result in the adjustment of numerous abilities in a single class, or calling. These are the types of changes that we need to do more thorough testing on both internally and our public test servers. As such these adjustments tend to occur on a longer patch cycle frequently taking a few weeks to find their way up to the live servers.Now that Ive cleared that specific point up I want to go into some high level points about the upcoming balance pass that will go live with 1.1
  • We are aware of the concerns about DPS warriors reigning supreme, and weve tracked the issue down to a couple of talents that have been seriously misbehaving. In order to not swing the pendulum completely in the opposite direction we do need to tweak a variety of other DPS abilities as well.
  • As promised Mages will be seeing a general bump in both survability and DPS, as well as a few additional tweaks that will be helpful in PVP. That being said please dont expect to see a massive boost, Mages definitely needed some love, but at the same time some of that comes from tuning down other calling builds that were too good.
  • Saboteurs will also be getting some tweaks, we want to keep the tic.tictic.. BOOM game play that makes the saboteur so interesting and exciting, but there were definitely combinations of talents and abilities that were taking things a bit too far.
While the above covers some of the high level concerns there are numerous other changes in the pipe that we are working on, and hopefully in the next couple of days Sweet and his crew will be able to stop by and fill you in with more info, and possibly full patch notes as wellThanks!-Gersh
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