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I wanted to stop by real quick and fill people in on some of the things we are working on for rewards in our end game content. First off let me put to rest a major concern people have expressed, we dont intend to make RIFT a grind to progress. That being said were not terribly fond of handing things to players on a silver platter either.Recently we made a number of changes to plaque drop rates, this change was targeted at some of the heavy grind groups that were taking full advantage of the fact we originally tuned those reward numbers for more casual players. It was also fueling the misconception that gear was intended to be earned primarily through the store, which is also un-intended. Ultimately the store is intended as a supplement to more traditional reward mechanisms (loot drops, crafting, etc). Goal wise we want to see most players have a reasonable split between store and dropped items. That being said different types of players will skew this one way or another. For example heavy hardcore dungeon grinders will rely more on drops b/c they dont want to slow their pace up to take full advantage of dungeon dailies, whereas more casual players will likely have more store items b/c they tend to play less frequently and will accumulate more plaques over time b/c of it.With that being said lets go a bit deeper into specific things people will be seeing very soon (probably in 1.1 or shortly thereafter)
  1. We will be retiring plaque rewards from Expert dungeon zone quests entirely, and replacing them with a series of daily quests with larger reward payouts.
  2. Players can complete both T1 and T2 expert dungeon dailies, giving players that are further along a reason to go back to earlier dungeons and do a run or two.
  3. We are adding upwards of 100+ items into expert dungeons to help fill in a number of itemization gaps players have helped us identify
Ultimately those players who choose to grind out as many dungeons as possible every day will see improvements mostly related to the new item drops. Whereas players who choose to run dungeons at a slower rate will see a pretty decent uptick in rewards via plaques of achievement.In addition to this we will also be looking a bit deeper into the rewards granted by our raiding content. There will be a number of adjustments going live in 1.1 with more to follow. I dont have final details to share with everyone, but I can say some of the rewards from Greenscale will see a noticeable improvement over what is currently dropping for example.As always were dedicated to bring our players the best experience possible while still retaining a sense of challenge and accomplishment, and we will continue to monitor these changes and adjust accordingly over the next few patches.- Gersh
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