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Evening, all!

There is a scheduled server maintenance for all European and North American servers tomorrow morning (3/4/11) for final transitions to launch. There will also be a small game update with patch notes incoming during the downtime.

Maintenance in the morning will be an estimated ** 2 hours ** with servers planned to return at 8:00am PST / 16:00 GMT.

Please be advised that after this downtime you will be required to have a retail Rift key claimed on your account (as opposed to a preorder/head start key). If you ordered directly from Trion, your Rift key is already attached to your Trion Worlds account.

See you in the morning!

(You can also refer to the post by Elrar for more information on the transition to live here: http://forums.riftgame.com/showthrea...Goes-Worldwide!)

EDIT: Servers are down as of 6:00am PST / 14:00 GMT.

EDIT: Servers are starting to show up as LOCKED pending additional testing as of 7:15am PST / 15:15 GMT!

EDIT: Several of the European shards are unlocking now, a bit ahead of the scheduled end of maintenance: 7:50am PST / 15:50 GMT

EDIT: All shards are now unlocking! 8:00am PST / 16:00 GMT
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