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As launch day continues to blur by we wanted to take this opportunity to discuss an important matter, account security.

Protecting your financial and personal information is our highest priority, and there are things you can do to help as well!

Always use a unique and challenging password for your game account utilizing letters, numbers, and symbols. Never share your information with anyone and pay close attention to websites you visit, and don't download any software from a source you don't trust - In many cases, those are keyloggers! For further protection we recommend regularly updating your password.

Lastly, your efforts in reporting spammers and exploiters helps to minimize and eradicate these operations and continue to maintain a fun and secure gaming experience. You can report individuals for spam simply by clicking their name in the chat window and select the option "Report Spam." Remember, your spam reports continue to feed RIFT's spam filter, and help it adapt as the spammers adapt their attacks.

Thanks for helping maintain a secure community - have fun!
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