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On Friday, March 04, 2011 all shards will be brought offline for the worldwide release of Rift from 6:00AM PST (14:00 GMT) to 8:00AM PST (16:00 GMT). Throughout the week we have brought services online around the world and at last new players throughout North America, Europe, and Australia can experience Rift for the first time!

Following this update all players will be required to have a valid retail key and subscription associated with their account in order to continue playing. Additionally, players whom have not yet activated a Collector's Edition key will lose access to their "Ancient Tartagon" mount and "Bogling Wastrel" pet. If you wish to keep these items you will need to purchase a Collector's Edition or Digital Upgrade, all players with a standard edition copy are able to easily upgrade and instantly receive the Collector's Edition rewards for only $10.00 in their Account Center.

For more information on the Collector's Edition and where it is available visit the Rift Website for all the details.

Welcome to Rift - thanks for playing!
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