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Sick and tired of college. I just want to work 40-50 hours a week and earn a living. I have an option in mind, I live 40 minutes from foxwoods casino, I can become a dealer there. (Would need a dealing license)....

Anyone know any specific kind of job you can make a living off of that requires no college degree. The minimum wage in MA is 8.75, highest in the country, but that is still steep to live off 40 hours per week.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks. (Im asking because I havent worked in like 7 years and im not to familiar with the job market right now)
Ummmm.. 8.75 is not the highest MA in the country, San Francisco is $9.92. But more importantly, stay in college. Right now it may seem like you can earn a living working 40-50 hours a week with no college degree, and you can, for a while. In 10 years when you are still making the same wage, and everyone around you that went to college is making more, and have more job options, you will regret not sticking it out and just finishing. When you want to have a family, a house, or a retirement, you will want the extra $$$ a college degree will bring. Your degree doesn't even have to be applicable to the job you want, but just having it is a step above someone who doesn't have one at all.
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