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So I picked up this Story quest yesterday. Here's the requirements:
- Gnarladon Bough Ash from Gnarladon (Zone invasion)
- Fiery Tar of Maelforge from Cinderon (Zone invasion)
- Messenger of the Vigil tear (unknown source)

Now I'm all for hard quests, but this is silly and borderline uncompletable. Here's my problems with this quest:

- You get it at level 20. At level 20 though, you're leaving to Gloamwood and won't know when the right invasions are happening, so the quest comes way too late.
- An invasion happens every 2 hours or so. Which one appears to be random. That would mean that if I want to be certain I get the items, I need to be in Silverwood for 8 hours straight.
- Once you finally get it, the item doesn't actually drop. This is the beauty of raidbosses. The group of players there is so big, it doesnt fit into one raid. There's usually 3+ raids completely filled. That gives me a 33% chance for my raidgroup to tag the boss and get the drop. Cinderon was grey for me. I couldn't loot and I didn't get the item in the invasion loot window either. Doing the math, 8 hours in step 2 * 33% chance of getting the boss tagged = 24 hours of idling in Silverwood to get this quest done.

Am I missing something here or is this quest the most ridiculous one ever?
We'll take a look into the issue with Cealhaidh randomly despawning.

The quest, 'The Care and Imprisonment of Changelings' has changed so you no longer need to obtain items from Gnarladon and Cinderon.

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