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We have been working extensively with Internet providers around the world to resolve issues of latency that some of you have experienced in Rift. While this problem has been resolved for many ISPs, there remain others with whom we are still collaborating on a solution.

Within the past few hours, because of changes we have made in cooperation with ISPs and backbone providers, we believe that many of our Rift players on both Orange (France) and Orange (UK) should see an improvement in performance. If you have been experiencing latency problems in Rift from France or from the UK, please let us know if your experience now changes (for better or worse) or remains unchanged.

I expect that this will resolve these issues for many players on these two providers, but not all. In addition to the automated network performance data which we are gathering, we ask that you keep posting your provider experiences here in the forums (if it remains bad, or if it improves). Your posts help strengthen our conversations with Internet providers as we work with them to resolve these issues.


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