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Hi folks -

For the Orange UK or Orange FR customers who are still experiencing latency:
  • Is it any different now than it was a few days ago? That is, if it is "occasional spikes" today, was it the same then, or a steady stream of high latency?
  • If you still do have these latency problems, is it the same as, better than, or worse than it was a few days ago?

For the others - orange.es, ya.com, and Telekomunikacja Polska are among the ISPs we're still focusing on. We've found that some providers respond very quickly to correct things, while others take far longer, so these changes will continue to happen over time - but it's difficult to predict precisely when any particular ISP will resolve their issue. It is influenced by not only our efforts to work with them, but by the volume of communications they receive from their own customers asking for help with the problem.


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