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We've put in a fix for the quest. It will only require you to kill the colossus. The having to be the first to tap the target was unintended and I apologize for that.

However in general the quests marked as Cult Saga will be hard. We'll be changing the messaging to display them "Epic Quest" in an upcoming patch to better communicate the difficulty. The rewards are end loaded with a nice reward at the end of each "chapter" (essentially zone).

The epic questline may not be to everyone's liking. We intentionality made these quests to be something that caters to people who look nostalgically upon the difficulty of quests back in the day. If you like completing some insane questline that misleads and abuses you, but since you have the heroic fortitude to stick it out until the very end and earn that epic weapon or ridiculous looking hat as well as the bragging rights, then look for more difficult quests during your leveling, look for the "Epic Quest" tag.

If this is not your cup of tea, we understand and are working to try to call out this content in a more visible way.
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