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    Default Daily message prize, minions, affinity points and daily artifact missing

    I've just log in and none of things I usually collect are there to be collected. Are you aware of the issue and are you going to fix it? I have 0 affinity points while there was almost 600.

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    Just came to the forums to see if this was reported and stumble on this. Likewise, I logged in to quickly do my daily check in and no login points, gift to pick up, or minions to collect. Found this by the minion stuff as the game is trying to say that I don't have any minions or minion currency. Yet when I left yesterday, had all adventure slots filled and was waiting on them. And tons of minions in my collection, many of them max level. I even tried logging in with a few characters to see if it just glitched on loading. So what's the deal?

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    Yeah, logged in after some time away, and all my Affinity is missing! I have no minions, and the calendar didn't pop up, and no daily reward. Great game!

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    We are aware of some issues regarding NA shards right now and the team is working on fixing the problem.

    Thanks for your understanding!

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    This will be addressed in the new patch notes, whenever that is. They are currently on a bet to see how long they can go with no new patch notes so it might be another week or two. Thanks for your understanding and remember to throw more money at the game they've been working hard, obviously.

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