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    Default Call to Action quest "Off to the Races"

    I have noticed, and have seen several players commenting that the call to action "Off to the Races" quest is being a bit difficult. You have to pause for about a second in each checkpoint or it will not count and the quest fails. I don't remember that specific issue in the past, but other people have seen it before.

    I've completed it on 4 toons today, and have had the problem with each one. New feature or something that is fixable?
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    Hello Shanoah thank you for reporting this issue! I will ask for the team to be looking into the issue!

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    Server lag issue I guess. Stop or move around on waypoint is only way to complete it.

    Same lag issue makes me crash and then relog will move me back to teleporter or whatever spot I was 10 seconds ago.

    Game is in bad shape and it will stay there until the plug.

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