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Thread: Silverwood Mech Week

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    Default Silverwood Mech Week

    I have done three Silverwood events for Defender of the elements for the promo. Every time they did not give credit for the event. I have no issues in Freemarch. Someone in my raid said they were having that same issue. The boss (Volt-1) dies and no credit for the quest.

    There is a lack of events that are popping as is. I will never get all my quests done at this rate. Whenever there is an event to pop then about four pop at once then you have to wait hours for it to pop again. Since four events are going on at once many end up failing since everyone is usually on the same one so you can not take advantage of all that pop. This is getting really frustrating.
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    It happens (too) often that the boss does not reward a kill, even though you're mentored and actively killing the boss, unfortunately. I haven't had it in this CTA yet, but I've had it happen to me several times in the past as well.

    Regarding the quantity of zone events, you can get an event lure for 1500 planarite, so it's very affordable. If you activate it and the zone event pops, start with defending a wardstone to prevent it failing, and announce the event in crossevents. Usually people will come to your shard to progress the event while you're on defensive duty.

    The events rarely fail due to time-out, but often due to nobody defending the wardstones. I try to close nearby rifts and footholds while defending, so that the amount of invasions spawning won't overwhelm the wardstone, and work from there.

    Good luck getting your kills!

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    Default Mech Footholds

    This is in the same realm of issues for Mech weekend and I didn't want to start a new thread so any issues with the event could be focused on.

    There was one instance where a character did not get credit for last boss kill; I will note i usually always participate but with this particular character I only did the last boss so I am unsure if that is a factor.

    The issue I have encountered when I was participating during the event killing footholds for objectives or mech parts there seemed to be severe imbalance when it came to npc damage to player damage. Yes in order to credit we must be mentored and abilities are reduced at a lower level but I felt i was seeing almost a blocked damage to npc's with regards to the fencing. I wanted to note this because I felt this really prevented lower level players from dealing with these. I know zone events are a group content objective but that is not always the case.

    Thank you

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