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Thread: Zone Events "Unstable (blank)" Announced But Do Not Appear

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    Default Zone Events "Unstable (blank)" Announced But Do Not Appear

    When the general chat announces "Unstable (blank) now starting in (blank)' the event does not appear as a Zone Event in the list of quests at the right upper screen the way it used to and there are no unstable artifacts in the designated zone. Regular/twisted/poison all show up. I have already contacted GM, they had me repair my game (I did it twice) and it did not work. I have not noticed any other problems. I have taken part in several cross shard adventures recently. I also cleared some old uncompleted quests from my quest log. The unstable zone events were appearing fine until about a week ago give or take a few days.

    Addendum: I have tried out various things today. I was in Embre Isle when an Unstable Embre Isle event started the event showed up to the right on the quest list and I could see the unstable artifacts just fine. Later, when I was in Meridian, Unstable eastern Holdings was announced, I ported to Eastern Holdings and there was no Unstable Event. Then a Stonefield event (not Unstable) was announced so I transported to Stonefield--no event. However, earlier when I was in Merdian and a Freemarch event was announced I zoned straight into Freemarch and the event was active. Could there be something about using the port to transfer to an event that makes the event inactive? Is there something new that must be done if you are entering a zone specifically for an event that has already started?

    Eastar of Deepwood
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