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Thread: Item duping

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    Default Item duping

    Server: Deepwood

    The other night I wanted to sell the cat mask and the missing head wardrobe items. I placed the cat mask in the AH to be sold, when I did, the original cat mask remained in my inventory while the one up for auction remained as well. I did this 3 times thinking its a visual bug. I did the same with the missing head. after that I went on playing the game.

    Yesterday I logged in and saw that I had mail. I had 5 mails. One from one of the cat masks sold and the other duped cat masks that were placed in the AH as well. The other mails were the missing heads which didn't sell.
    So after I realized it wasn't a visual glitch I sent in a report. This morning I received a response.... said they cannot help me and that I need to post it here. so.... here it is.

    btw, if ever one tries to post anything on this forum via your phone.....dont...keeps trying to log you in, when in fact your already logged in, in the 1st place. this forum is buggy, buggy buggy
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