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Thread: BUG: Warrior Reaver Soul Skills

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    Exclamation BUG: Warrior Reaver Soul Skills

    I was messing with the Warrior Reaver tree to see if a ranged spec might be viable again and noticed some tweaks occur after applying certain passives in the soul tree and applying buffs after saving the role and then again when applying Masteries

    the one that caught my attention is Dire Corruption

    this is without consumables or raid buffs

    in it's current form the Normal version of Dire Corruption is extended by Precision Strikes by 6s which is now causing the dmg of 171k to disperse over an additional 6s reducing it from 11440dps to 8171dps

    if you look at other DoT based souls the DoTs are not x amount of dmg over y amount of seconds but rather x amount of dmg every y amount of seconds over a total of z sec and typically the passives augmenting them reduce the amount of time between ticks, extends the duration over which ticks may occur or increase the dmg out put per tick

    with Warrior reaver every DoT is a fixed amount of dmg over a fixed time if the time is extended then it hurts the DoTs and makes the reaver less effective

    now lets look at the Legendary version and this is blatant over sight as it is pure math, in the legendary the spell can only be recast every 60s for a total of 246776dmg over 21s and for 39s no dmg is being done which causes a burst effect and loss of dps, left in normal it is capable of 171590dmg over 21s if using precision strikes and 15s if not, that means with a CD of 10s it is capable of between 11439dps for a total of 686340dmg in the same 60s or with PS active 490260dmg which is double what the legendary is capable of in the same amount of time

    the legendary is a cripple on this skill and the use of Precision Strikes which is designed to bolster DoT output by extending their durrations is actually spreading a fixed amount of dmg in every Rvr DoT over a longer period further reducing overall dps, that is the biggest reason the Warrior Reaver is unusable right now in it's current state

    the simpllest solution I can suggest would be to convert Rvr DoTs from fixed dmg over duration to a duration during which 1 tick of a set amount of dmg per tick can occur every second over that duration such that extending the duration would add additional ticks thereby increasing dps with the skills designed to do so

    so I noticed another injustice in classes, I am playing Shaman on my cleric when I realize Frozen Wrath only recasts its DoT when the effect is not present, this is great when spells can be recast faster than the effect they place lasts longer than the CD, which has only become a thing due to passive CD reductions in Masteries and Legendaries, we should really be re-evaluating this issue to determine if either the same reapply lock shout be added to all DoTs or reuse timers should be adjusted to match durations to prevent wasteful recasting in our macro centric method of play now
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    The tooltip is the main problem.

    Normal, No PS: 21 hits, 11.5k avg dmg
    Normal, W/ PS: 26 hits, 11.5k avg dmg
    Legendary, No PS: 21 hits, 16.4k avg dmg
    Legendary, W/ PS: 26 hits, 16.4k avg dmg.

    Double check it yourself though... Normal DC with PS, 16crits, 10 reg hits, 464k dmg. Legendary DC with PS, 11 crits, 16 reg hits, 627k dmg. - It's not actually a loss. (no buffs, consumables, eternal, or omnox)

    Secondly, if we're counting legendaries, you're not going to be making the full timer regardless. Because of Legendary Shadow of the Dread, 'all dots tick 3 times as fast, last 50% less time'. But that's not completely accurate either.

    with LSotD and PS, Dire Corruption shows in the tooltip that it will last 21sec. When applied to an enemy, it has a duration of 30sec shown, but falls off after 18sec... not 21.

    with LSotD and PS, Soul Sickness shows in the tooltip that it will last 13.5sec. When applied to an enemy, it has a duration of 10sec shown, does dmg over 11sec... not 13.5.

    Third, when it comes specifically to Legendary Dire Corruption... The one minute timer is only applicable when you cast the ability on it's own. When you use Shadow of the Dread, however, it gets applied, regardless.... You can use LDC, wait 30sec, then cast SotD, and despite LDC still having another 30sec left of a CD, it will be reapplied to the target fresh. - However, using SotD without manually casting LDC first will still put LDC on the target, without putting the ability on cd either.... This is in effect allowing you to cast LDC every 15sec, despite having a 60sec cd, as well as a second time manually once per minute outside that 15sec window.

    There are still looooooads of class bugs.

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    I really appreciate that diagnostic, that gives a more dynamic analysis, I tried to run Rvr without offsouls and cannot get my 3min sustain to stay over 400k on its own and thats in full Champions with 50% CP and 60% PC with max Eternal and Omnox

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