Login credentials time out after about 48-72 hours, and then the game will crash, typically when porting or entering an instance, and come back up with error dialog saying that the credentials have timed out. I don't mind having to re-enter credentials daily, just wish the game did not crash in middle of some activity to force re-entry.

After this happened a few times, I disabled Glyph's "keep me logged in" checkbox: No difference. I shut down Rift and Glyph completely at end of day, shut down PC. Start clean in the morning, but frequently still no password required by Glyph. Few hours later, once or twice a week, in the middle of some activity, game crashes and requires new login.

Repeatable, but not trivially; happens once or maybe twice a week at most if the game is played for a few hours every day. New behavior started maybe 5-6 weeks ago; previously, "Keep me logged in" would last for weeks at a time until Glyph required new login, but the game never crashed because of expiration.

Repeat by: playing game - no obvious circumstances or simple steps to cause crash to repeat.
  • Qtearo@faeblight, and several guild mates have noted the same behavior over the past several weeks.
  • Can happen any time of day (server time): 6am, 11am, 4:10pm, 9pm.
  • Can happen any day of the week.
  • Can happen under almost any game circumstances, though seems most common when porting, changing shards, or entering an instance, not just typical questing. But most recent case was just fighting a VP rare after being on the same shard for many minutes - nothing to do with porting, instances, etc.
  • Character level does not matter: 70, 66-67, 18 have all seen same crash.
  • There were no local changes in network connectivity that may explain crash: IP addr constant, bandwidth >100Mb, etc.
  • Immediate relog w/ same credentials always works.
  • Appears unrelated to anything like game load, latency, etc. - asserted, not proven, but it's not obviously related to any other evident server instability, number or players/NPC's/objects, etc.
  • Crash error demands new login credentials, but glyph does not always require new credentials to relaunch game. Whether glyph does or does not require login, it seems to make no difference in time to next crash - 1-3 days.
  • Win 10 OS, latest patches. Razer mom mouse, no exotic peripherals like VR, or anything other than USB keyboard and headset. Same behavior seen on several different PC's w/ different peripherals.