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    Default Unable to see my character on login

    I am not able to see my character in the login screen. It starts to initialize, gets to about 13% to 17%, then goes to the character/start screen - but - my character is not visible, and the buttons like Play don't work. It gets to "Selection authentication accepted" - stops loading and goes into the play screen.

    I was playing yesterday with no issues, but it is not working this morning. It would seem that it failed in some way during initialization, but there is no indication on what is going wrong.

    I did reboot my system, no change.
    I did run the validation on the installation, no change.

    Update: Now it appears that the shards are down, so maybe this was all related to that.

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    I assume it's all good now, then?

    If not don't hesitate to let us know!
    Discord: Zyra#0666

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