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Thread: Previous week's VP daily doesn't count for current weekly, but eats the new daily

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    Default Previous week's VP daily doesn't count for current weekly, but eats the new daily

    The weekly quest "Enemy of My Enemy Is..." involves completing five sets of dailies. However, if you complete a set of dailies on e.g. Tuesday and only turn it in after accepting a new weekly on Wednesday, it doesn't count toward progress on the weekly, but it prevents a new daily from being picked up.

    Time: Wednesday, September 18th, at 18:00 UTC
    Context: I completed the daily quest "Hinder Ahnket: Tenon Fortress," waited until after a weekly reset, picked up the new weekly quest, and turned in the daily.
    Expected: I expected to receive weekly progress.
    Observed: Instead, Erendel Danath no longer offered today's "Hinder..." daily.
    Repro Steps:
    1. Complete a "Hinder..." quest, but don't turn it in.
    2. After a weekly reset, pick up "Enemy of My Enemy Is...".
    3. Turn in the "Hinder..." quest.
    4. Watch as no progress is recorded on "Enemy of My Enemy Is...".
    5. Watch as Erendel Danath no longer offers a "Hinder..." quest for the day.

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    The way the quest currently works is that it ups the weekly counter once you've finished your group of dailies. Because you didn't have the weekly up at that time, it didn't count. And in Rift, unlike let's say FFxiv, when you turn your dailies in late, you don't get to do that day's dailies.

    So ... not really a bug, but working as intended, I guess.
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    A quest is complete when you complete it, not when you claim the reward from the little diamond.

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