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    Default Role swapping focus item bug

    When attempting to change roles via macro-the focus item produces an error that says "You do not meet the item requirements". This has been reproduced on different toons when swapping to different roles.

    A player may own identical focus items that contain different types of essence sets. For example-tank essences with guard, vs attack power essences for healing vs crit power essences for dps. The macros for swapping roles are consistent, and nothing has changed. This type of behavior has only recently begun after the last patch.

    *it matters not what role is loaded
    *crystals and accessories change out properly
    *I am level 70, as areRole swapping focus item bug-focus-bug.jpg all of my runes/items

    The macro example is below: [but it's not the macro]. The error has been isolated specifically to the focus item swap out.

    #show life insurance
    loadequip 2
    role 2
    karuulalert set=5
    karuulalert subset=1
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    Issue was discovered by players last week and will be addressed with the next patch. A work around currently exists if you drag your currently equipped focus to your inventory you should then no longer be blocked from equipping your desired focus.

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    Not an issue of macro, it broken since patch. Having same issue loading pvp/pve gears with loadequip

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