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Thread: Level 35 Quest: "A Gathering Storm" spawns high-level foes

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    Default Level 35 Quest: "A Gathering Storm" spawns high-level foes

    As the subject line describes, the level 35 quest "A Gathering Storm" from the "Saga of the Storm Queen" questline in Iron Pine Peak has us kill 2 NPC's in the Crystal Depths caverns.

    However, attacking either of them causes additional foes to spawn and these are of a much higher level than the player.

    I'd imagine that this is an overlooked change that was missed when Iron Pine Peak was of a higher level and changed to a level 27-35 zone.
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    Magelo confirms through posts made over a year ago this has been the state of it, it is actually not supposed to be available before 50 as the Saga of the Endless/Aelfwar was for hitting level 50 and was the first of the Sagas

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    Here I had already asked a question about this.

    Should, in my opinion, be readjusted.


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    Those monsters in the cavern used to be level 48 or 50 from memory, which is why the quest to power the core in chancel was at times a challenge.
    Other than that, IPP was also the setting for the quest leading to the Storm Legion areas, which was level 50.

    The saga quest has several level 50 parts and is partially based on activities in lower level zones.. It went through the levels and zones, but was implemented as saga for level 50 to give the higher levels more content. It crosses path with quests/areas for lower levels.

    And with the current state of mentoring, sidekicking, guilds and friends who can help, it is perhaps not really an oversight, but accepting that it is way easier for players to call in the help from a high-level player than it is to change quests or other things in game.

    In Prime we had some issues with boss/high level mobs in lower level areas because of the auto-mentoring. This should not be too big an issue in live.

    As for reasons why the saga has become available to lower levels..
    my guess... so people actually do the sagas. Like you said, at level 48 you are already in Storm Legion and Ember Isle. Had this story only become available after level 50, you might not even have noticed it, since questgivers are in sanctum/meridian.. At level 50, most go for Tempest bay as home and are not often found in the start cities anymore.

    And IPP was made lower in level back in the days to fill up a levelling gap, since levelling 26-35 was done in scarlet/scarwood and people were often done before being able to travel through droughtlands/moonshade
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