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Thread: Sudden Shard Shutdowns Are Rude!

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    Exclamation Sudden Shard Shutdowns Are Rude!

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I don't know how Gamigo does things, but when it became necessary to shut down servers for maintenance, hot fixes, restarts, and whatever, Trion ALWAYS gave players at least 15 minutes warning as a system warning in chat ahead of shutting down the servers. Not everyone is constantly checking the forums to see if the devs or maintenance crew is aware of lag issues. These sudden, impromptu shutdowns to address problems almost always leave players in a bad place in the game and it's very rude to do that whether it affects patrons or free players. Please stop doing this! Go back to giving us at least 15 minutes (30 minutes would be better) notice prior to shutdowns, with periodic system warning countdowns, so we have a chance to either finish up what we are doing or get to a safe place before you kick us out!
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    There were in-game notices counting down to the shutdown, at least for me on NA/Faeblight

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    Any word on when they'll be back up? Wasn't in game to see the notice.

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    People knew and mentioned it in crossevents and then in a bit there was a few minutes warning. I know I did a whole warfront after people first said it was coming down. So... Anyways ninety minutes I thought. But who knows.
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