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Thread: Dancing Yeti's, danced right out of the bag .... twice.

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    Default Dancing Yeti's, danced right out of the bag .... twice.

    Ok so on my toon KaizerGhidorah of Deepwood, got the Dancing Yeti for a laugh, placed it in my last bag so it would not be touched during gameplay. It goes missing, so I but another one ( because I figured maybe , just maybe ) I dropped it. Again I put it in the last bag and again it goes missing. I put in a ticket and after a lengthy wait I receive a reply and 2 replacements which I again placed in the bag with the least amount of usage. Not 20 minutes later both Yeti's vanished yet again and another ticket.... lengthy wait and the reply this time was "we don't know why but you should stuff it in bug reports"

    So there is the story of the Dancing Yeti's that keep dancing right out of the bag even when they are not used ...

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    If you use minion sender, make sure that auto destroy dimension items isn't active.
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