Hello, about 2-3 weeks ago my (all end game stuff) Eye of Omnox (dps trinket), Heart of the Berserker (tank trinket), my dps Focus (maxed; winter essence and 5 lesser best CP essences all upgraded) my Tank Focus (not fully maxed but all upgraded and some 780 end essences)
they all got stuck in the mail, Gamigo group support center did give me back the 2 trinkets and the 2 Focus But they forgot (or were to lazy) to get the essences i had (essences > focus) i dont care about the focus, it cost very little, but the essences are the expensive part, and they just did not think about that and they only gave me my essences, i told them to go back to a old backup file on my characters to find my focus with my essences in it, but... they cant do that, so they pointed me to here.All i ask for is my essences, i can tell you what i had, my dps one is easy, my tank one is kinda random but i kinda remember some i had.

Thank you,

Heres link to my customer support page: [url]https://support.gamigo.com/hc/en-us/requests/1241449?page=1