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Thread: Mobs slow to load

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    Customer Support requested that I post a bug report for my issue.

    Time: Consistently at all times
    Game Details: All locations on all shards
    Character Details: All characters, all classes, etc
    Expected Outcome: Mobs should load with minimal placeholders
    Observed Outcome: Mob placeholders are routinely displayed for up to 20+ seconds
    Repro Steps: All mobs in all places
    Image/Video Documentation: Attached screenshots

    When there are only around 1-3 mobs, they usually load normally without the green, shimmery placeholders. If there are more than that, I start seeing the placeholders. The more numerous the mobs are, the slower they load. A small number may load in just a couple of seconds, but somewhere like Sanctum can take 20+ seconds to load.

    I have a fast SSD and a fast/low latency Internet connection. My AMD video card has the latest drivers. I have already performed the flushdns/repair process.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Mobs slow to load-2019-08-08_082632.jpg   Mobs slow to load-2019-08-08_082833.jpg  

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