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Thread: Re opening the game places me on wrong shard

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    Default Re opening the game places me on wrong shard

    For the past week + everytime i log out of Rift and then come back, I am placed on a totally different shard each time rather than starting out on my shard Deepwood.
    At first it continuously placed me on the Greybriar Shard (for over a week), the past 2 days I have been placed on Faeblight.

    Im not sure if anyone else is having this issue, but I know myself and my son have this issue.


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    Default Thats normal

    Since the game came out in 2011, when logging in it has always placed people on the most populated shard, which can change from min to min, hour to hour day to day. I have always hated it, because the more populated a shard the worse lag it has. But it's normal it will place on different shards regardless that you want to be on the shard you created the character on.

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    This has not been since 2011...

    This login feature was created to try and balance the shards population for that moment.

    The big idea was, that some shards were less populated and if people didn't hop shards, would have less interaction with other players.
    By placing on login shards, they would initially play on that shard, have more interaction with other players and while out in the world, have a better chance at spawning events, since many zone events are based on population numbers that are currently on that shard/in a zone.

    Useful or not, the system is still there. For playing on your home shard or avoiding lag in certain areas, there is the option to shard hop. Perhaps not perfect for all, but that's what the situation is.

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