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Thread: Carnage doesn't work

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    Default Carnage doesn't work

    Hello. The carnage is the new mecanics which can give you EXP and LOOT, an off-quest for bashing monsters.

    They doesn't work for me :/ !!


    The count doesn't change. I killed lots of monsters, differents monsters, of course, in many zones and i also reinstalled the game.

    Have a good night !

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    Check to make sure you aren't at the limit for currently accepted carnages in your quest log.

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    the mouse over showing the carnage is not the same as having the carnage in your quest log/being on the carnage quest.

    there is a partial notification in screen about requirements... 'conditions requises non....

    Not sure what the exact notification is, since I don't play the french translation, but could it be possible you already have 25 carnages in your quest log?

    for if that is the case, you can't accept a new carnage quest and any kill you make on these mobs will not activate the carnage for you while you have those 25 carnages active.

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