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Thread: Zaviel Shard Locked

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    Exclamation Zaviel Shard Locked

    I am not able to login to either Zaviel & Gelidra, the others are in fact working properly.
    and the Prime Servers are still shown as locked. possible bug? do i have to uninstall and then install the game again?

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    No need to uninstall and reinstall the game, just have a look there :

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    In short..

    All your chars from Zaviel and Gelidra have been moved to Typhiria.
    In character login screen, click the button 'shards'
    Click on Typhiria and your characters from Zaviel and Gelidra will show up.

    the numbers in the shard list may not be correct..
    Add the numbers for the amount of chars you had on Zaviel, Gelidra and Tyhpiria.
    When that total is higher than the amount of chars you can see on Typhiria, you have more toons on there than char slots unlocked.

    To make the 'invisible' chars visible and available again, you may need to transfer one or more chars from Typhiria to one of the other shards. This will free up the character slots, thus allowing for the 'invisible' chars to become visible again.


    Just keep in mind, transfers on EU have been disabled until the next patch, to prevent/fix issues with missing items/auction transfers.
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    Made an char on Zaviel the other night was enjoying it thoroughly but now I've just logged into Typhiria to find my previous char from god knows how many years ago?!

    Anyone have a clue how to get my most recent char back or is it one with the Planar now?

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