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Thread: Hinder Ahnket

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    Default Hinder Ahnket

    Friday 7-5-2019 my character Ptal completed the The Daily/Weekly quest "Hinder Ahnket" in Vogistar Peaks but the game failed to give credit for the 5 quests. Though credit was given for each individual quest none was received towards completion of doing all 5 of them as a part of the weekly quest. I deleted & retook the quest in an attempt to do them all over again but it just placed me back in the same que/stage of the quest chain, I could not retake the 5 quests, yet still failed to say completed. Please fix this, I'm stuck here.

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    That feature has been there since they launched that quest. Reported by many people
    (some glitch it, I don't remember how, so you can do 10dailies/day instead of 5)

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    probably something to do with the fact that the main quest is to do 5 dailies..

    and next you have to acquire the 5 dailies, that are different quests

    turning in the 5 would complete the covering 5 total quest..

    abandoning that one and retaking it would probably make you able to do it again.. But since there are 2 npcs for the 5 quest thingy and different quests for each of the 2, the glitch may only occur if you skipped a day.

    theory would be that day 1 is npc A for the quests, day 2 would be npc B for the quest..
    take the quests on day 1 and on day 2, do the quests, turn only part in, kill the quest for npc A and retake the one for npc B for the next 5 dailies.

    just a guess tho.

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