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    Default Grandmaster level (375) quests broken

    Grandmaster quests in TB (ie Plants for the Survivors and Madrosa Lumber for TB) offer 2 ways to complete the quest when I accept it but upon turn in there is no option to choose which one I want to do and it cannot be completed if the mats for both options are not fulfilled. Prior to this Wed.'s update the quests were fine. Please revert the quests to what they were (no options) or fix it. The mining quests are broken as well. (I have not checked the butchering quests.)
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    This is a UI bug that is related to a recent update to the quest system. All quests that require more than one objective for completion are currently displaying the or functionality in the UI when picking up the quest, this is not intended and will be fixed with the next patch. The quest completion requirements should be displaying correctly in the quest tracker and quest log UIs. These quests can still be completed by satisfying all of the quest completion conditions listed.

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