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    Hello People,

    I was an old rift player and i just enter the game and my characters were at tempest bay. SO when i logged in i always fall down and i cant move. I dont know what happened this game. Do you have any idea?
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    when you loaded up the game was it still downloading?

    If it was, wait for it to finish downloading and then try again

    if you are still falling through, exit the game and on the glyph launcher, right click RIFT on the left side menu and select to repair.

    If this doesnt work then you may need to write a ticket to get your character unstuck.

    good luck

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    Try changing to 32bit client in Glyph, 64bit causes trouble on some machines.
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    tried soul recall or any of the pa recalls?

    not sure if the old stuck option is still available in the menubar, you used to be able to use that one if you got stuck in rocks, walls, floors etc
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