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Thread: Mech week Zone event loot

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    Default Mech week Zone event loot

    Call to Action; Mech Week
    Zone event [Defender of the Elements] still dont reward correctly upon completion.
    The Budge event seemed to suffer the exact same problem.
    I have reported this issue before, it has been there for as long as the Mech event has been around.
    My character is Chrystiel@Bloodiron, lvl 70 Kelari mage.
    All the Zone events i participate in, i mentor down to get the loot, in this case to 20, both examples is done in Freemarch.
    (Defender of the Elements Rewards)
    Mech week Zone event loot-2019-06-07_103711.jpg
    (Bloodfire Behemoth rewards)
    Mech week Zone event loot-2019-06-07_112449.jpg

    Im not the only one this happens to, it has been much debate in the dimension community due to our rare Dimension items hiding in the Completion loot tab.

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    I had also wondered last month why the events simply stop without rewards. After I got no response to my german question (and we were told, that they understand german) I had assumed, that no one is interested to fix the bugs or I must buy something first to get access to events, maybe the battlepass?


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