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Thread: Battle Pass gives no Loyality

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    Default Battle Pass gives no Loyality

    i wrote allready a Letter to a GM, but there i must wait for years i think.
    I didnt get the Loyality of the Battlepass Stage 6 and today Stage 10 too.
    So thats allready 100k Loyality missing on my accout on NA Shards.
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    Loyalty and Credits you can only get 1x (not on EU and NA both).
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    from memory... the loyalty is the patron bonus you get when you have both battlepass and patron.

    next to that.. the first loyalty bonus is 10k, the 2nd is 50k and the last one at BP level 29 or so is 100k
    You can claim it both on NA and EU, but you only get the loyalty added on the first claim, it does NOT stack.

    Same goes for the credits.

    Affinity is per server, so you get the affinity both on EU and NA.

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