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Thread: BUG: Settings Not Saving

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    Default BUG: Settings Not Saving

    -time: always

    -game details: in game settings, audio and video both.

    -character details: all characters on account on all accounts that use this pc.

    -expected outcome: I go to settings make changes and they do not revert for any reason and remain on all restarts of the client.

    -observed outcome: I go into settings make changes and exit settings, upon re-opening settings all changes revert, upon exiting and letting timer count down and relaunching game all changes revert, going into program files and setting all glyph .exe files to admin and the rift .exe to admin then running glyph and launching Rift all changes revert.

    -repro steps: cannot think of a way for you to repro without gaining remote access to my pc.

    edit to observed: am repairing rift in glyph client, will post edits as I do more things I know tech support will recommend

    observed: upon running check no files were repaired by glyph

    observed: upon attempting to reinstall glyph got the following message and then continued

    observed: upon uninstalling and reinstalling game and glyph the same observations still occured

    observed: deleted the character files in users, add-ons were reset but settings still revert upon exit and return
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    Check to make sure rift.cfg isn't set to Read Only. That will cause settings changes in game to revert on close.

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    Windows 10, Rift in Programm files, Rift not in Admin Mode? Then you'd get the behaviour you're describing because normal programms aren't allowed to write in that folder.

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