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Thread: Battle Pass Issue

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    Default Battle Pass Issue

    Whenever I try to participate in a zone event, I don't get credit on battle pass. For instance, my level 60 Mystic Archer (mentored to 55) participated in an Ember Isle zone event and stayed from beginning to end, killing what she could solo while there. After it finished, I got no credit on Battle Pass.

    The same thing happened to my rogue (mentored to 15) in freemarch. I am a patron, so this is not a whine, I also payed for Battle pass.. Please fix. Thank you.
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    I haven't had any issues whatsoever getting credit for zone events. If you are having an issue you would need to provide more information, like the shard you were on, time of the event, name of the event, mentor level, what BP mission you are working on, etc. I find that if you provide a much more detailed issue, it helps a GM locate the possible problem. Saying "ZE don't work pls fix" will not get very far...there are 100's of zone events...

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    After it finished, I got no credit on Battle Pass.
    2 questions, since it's worked for me without issues. Did the event finish successfully? If not, doesn't count. Did you stay until the event finished successfully? If not, doesn't count either.

    For Battlepass, it works a little different than for say the Patron monthly. You don't have to be mentored OR participate for it to count, just be in the area when it finishes. For Patron monthly, you have to be mentored and participate.

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    sidenote... you do need to participate...

    That means you have to tag the event..

    3 rifts that are closed and count for the event, 3 invasions that count for the event, a blue artifact... those are usually the tag requirements for a zone event.
    Boss tag counts too, but that one is not always in reach.

    For battlepass, you need to be in the zone on the shard the event was running and be at mentored level when the event ends.

    Promo events such as hell bug events, or the budgie events stuff, do not count for battle pass
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