I started playing a couple weeks ago after a several year hiatus. The game itself has been enjoyable, enough that I've been willing to spend some money on it again. I was able to purchase a month of patron status, as well as one of the Power Packs at the beginning of the most recent sale. Since then however, I've been completely unable to make any other purchases.

For almost an entire week now, I've been completely unable to buy anything else from the store. I've opened a support ticket, which the representative told me there's some arbitrary purchase limit on my account, and try again in a few days. So I waited, and several days after I'm still locked out from making any purchases. I've tried Steam wallet, adding payment info with a credit card, PayPal, but nothing works.

So now I'm just stuck. The Power Pack sale ends tomorrow, and the way it looks I won't be able to buy anything else I wanted to get during the sale. This has just been incredibly frustrating and it's making me question whether or not I even want to continue to spend any more money on the game if and when this ridiculous purchase lockout goes away if I end up missing the rest of the sale. This is just awful from a customer perspective, I'm perfectly willing to give Gamigo my money, but they apparently don't want it.