and yet again w/ still no response
I have lost count now..
Every SINGLE time the NA servers crash it is days + when I can not get back in.
The last time I couldn't even get past the login for the forums

Once again none of the drop downs etc work on the Glyph "page"
I have blamed my equipment too many times only to find something gets rerouted after a crash only to finally have them work out on their ownsome days later , in some cases more than a week.

It wouldn't be so bad if there weren't so many crashes lately..
I just barely get a few days I can get all the way in before the servers crash again & then I can not get in yet again.

Once again I can not get to the Char screen.. as Always it gets to around 60% then stalls.
Not sure how the crashes are " fixed" but whatever it is they must not be " fixed" to all areas I have no idea if I am getting routed to someplace that doesn't "link" for our area or what & chances are I wont be able to check any responses ( which would be a first ) because normally the login , at least for me , to the forums or help will go down ...

Thanks yet again