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Thread: No XP from Lethargic Hungerer

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    Default No XP from Lethargic Hungerer

    Today I went thru the "Under Path" in "Seratos", where you kill a lot of "Lethargic Hungerers" to get thru. I noticed that I was not getting any XP for the Kills. I checked and made sure Mentoring was set to Level 55 same as the Hungerers and even re-logged and reset it, still no XP. Once I was killing something else the same level I was getting XP again, So I think the "Lethargic Hungerers" are bugged.
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    If memory serves me correctly, these mobs constantly respawn in these tunnels, the XP was removed from them because peeps could sit there and farm them all day to gain XP very fast.

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