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Thread: Bugged Chronicle, Infernal Dawn, Laethys

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    Default Bugged Chronicle, Infernal Dawn, Laethys

    Unable to complete the last boss, Laethys. This has been an ongoing issue for quite some time but now when it is a quest for Battle Pass it needs to be fixed.

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    you are hitting him too hard
    simply dps him down to around 30% and then stop and wait for the phase change

    yes it would be nice if the first phase wasnt able to be killed completely and stopped taking damage at a certain%
    but the chronicle is still complete able

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    This is the correct answer. I had the same issue the first time around weeks ago and I followed this same advice. Pick your lowest dps skill and plunk him to around 30%, use the reactive to interrupt her blue cast and wait for her to shed her armor and go into the floor. Then she comes back out, nuke her and collect your bounty points.

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    Default Problem has not been fixed yet!

    Same problem, guess Laethys died to fast. Will try a third time and if it fails then the Battle Pass daily will just be lost. Hope others are having better luck with it.

    Worked the third time. Thanks for the info caduto and Lucos.
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