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Thread: BUG: Mind of Madness Intrepid Adeventure

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    Default BUG: Mind of Madness Intrepid Adeventure

    the Mind of Madness IA is supposed to occur after a complete full run through HK then a full run through the MoM is supposed to send us back to HK

    what actually happens is HK randomly sends us where ever and does not follow a full progression path in order to trigger a full completion

    what is expected is to be sent back and forth from HK to MoM

    why this is bad for BP is it will force players to sit a full run through one or the other to complete either one and they either need to be separate IAs or have a combined Intrepid Adventure task instead of individual ones

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    This was never fixed and should be at some point. I have spent hours in HK over time and never once did it roll over to MoM. Only by chance clicking the Intrepid IA button did I get into MoM. In my opinion I feel these should have been separate ques. Due to HK fatigue I have gotten over time a separation of the two would be refreshing..
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    i got this Quest 3 Times this Week in the BP, the First time it counts when i go HK Adventures.
    But the other 2 Times it does not work on evenry Adventures.

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