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    Default Enclave of Ahnket

    When you zone in mounted, Opie for example, you will fall through ground every time.

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    Other than Opie, have you seen this on any other mounts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avathar View Post
    Other than Opie, have you seen this on any other mounts?
    Any mount with size-changing effects causes it. Any size-changing effect, such as making yourself tiny can also trigger the fall-thru world issue.

    To be honest, this is an old old bug / issue. Have had this happen numerous times over the years in various zones, raids, dungeons. It's not limited to mounts and this dungeon in particular.

    If you simply zone in faster than the game renders "the ground" textures/collision, you fall through the world from time to time. The result 'fix' was your entry point on zone in was increased vertically, so you'd fall into the zone rather at ground zero/at-the-surface.

    A work around for people using small/size-changing mounts, is to jump-spam while you're on the loading screen.
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    It actually doesn't matter if you're mounted or not. I fell through the other night 2 enclaves in a row while unmounted. The only way to avoid it once it happens is to get summoned.

    As a side note, I haven't been in all that much since testing (outside of BP stuff) as I don't want to burn myself out on more RNG, but it looks like people are still pulling first boss into the rock so he never spawns any shields. People refuse to do it the normal way going so far as to wipe several times just to get this "strategy" working.

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    yes people refusing to do normal way are the worst , like you die 3-4 time trying to do the noob strat , and you already took more time as if you killed the boss the normal way.
    That's why as a tank , during these run i never move the boss from the center of the room , people will just do the normal way after that.
    If it could be fixed , or maybe reduce a bit the area and the distance when the boss reset , could fix this.

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    Do you find that people doing it the proper way are frustrated by pugs killing the wisps before they get a chance to explode
    maybe they are trying to avoid that by bugging him out?

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