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Thread: Another simple bug to fix

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    Default Another simple bug to fix

    I have reported this before via the in-game Feedback, but only to fall upon deaf ears like so many other bug reports.

    Macros used to allow for copy / paste, but now you can only paste if something is copied from the game and not an external source, like a website or notepad

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    you can still very much copy into the game.. but only when you are freshly logged in.
    about 30-60 minutes after logging in the game seems to lose the 'rights' to read from your clipboard (something you have copied and are waiting to paste)
    a proper relog will solve this. (you need to exit the game and re-enter, not just log out to character screen)

    it would certainly be nice if the devs could figure out what is causing this issue and fix it.

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