The wardstone quest where you use planar charges to repair turrets, wellspring and wardstone, with the quest giver nearby is the ones I'm talking about. The one near Nurjak Vorsta (probably not even close to correct on the spelling) works fine and with the quest, shows it being completed when killing a captain mob. There is another one in the east side of the ashora map that works correctly.

The one that is having the problem is the wardstone even next to the ashora gate. After getting the quest and killing a captain mob, the quest tracker still remains as 0/20. My character was lvl 66 when attempting. I also mentored down to lvl 61, abandoned the quest and re-took the quest after that. Still, the quest tracker does not move off of 0/20.

The reason this should be fixed is because of notoriety. It helps build the quajiri notoriety which allows players to purchase cape and helm? augment gems. I hope this post makes sense since I can't log into the game right now because the shard is down.