Legendary Condensed Obliteration automatically fires Bound Fate at a nearby enemy in combat with the player, once per second. However, this effect ignores targets rooted by a spell such as Legendary Unleash Oblivion.

Time: Ongoing
Context: I turned on Legendary Condensed Obliteration and then rooted a group of enemies with Legendary Unleash Oblivion.
Expected: Legendary Condensed Obliteration continues to automatically fire Bound Fate at enemies in combat with me.
Observed: Instead, Legendary Condensed Obliteration stops automatically firing Bound Fate at enemies in combat with me as long as the root persists.
Repro Steps:
  1. Put Legendary points into Condensed Obliteration and Unleash Oblivion.
  2. Turn on Legendary Condensed Obliteration.
  3. Enter combat with an enemy. Bound Fate will fire automatically once per second.
  4. Root the enemy with Legendary Unleash Oblivion. Bound Fate will no longer automatically fire until the root wears off.

I know a bug fix like this is a pipe dream, but 61-point Cabalist would already be bad enough without some of its abilities literally disabling others.