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Thread: Problem with the inventory

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    Default Problem with the inventory

    Hi all. Im having a problem with the inventory this days. The problem is: a guildmate sent me atramentium whetstone and some vials. When I got the post, I only had the vials in my inventory although the chat said I had received both vials and atramentium. We tried with a trade to check if it was a post problem but it happened again: got the vials and not the whetsone. It has happened with the daily reward too. Has this happened to anyone before and managed to fix it? I dont like items dissappearing from my inventory xd

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frannv97 View Post
    I dont like items dissappearing from my inventory xd
    Are you absolutely sure you did not have any whetstones in the bags already? If you did, they have been stacked. IF that's not the case, then I don't know what to do.

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