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Thread: Icon dumps out of date + 2 incorrect icon paths

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    Default Icon dumps out of date + 2 incorrect icon paths

    At http://webcdn.triongames.com/addons/assets/, there are rift_ability_icons.zip and rift_item_icons.zip (and also Rift_Discoveries*.zip)

    (1) rift_ability_icons.zip and rift_item_icons.zip have not been updated in a while, and the following icons (referenced in Discoveries) are not found in either. Please update the files.

    Missing: item_icons//vanity_cape_backpack_015_storm_legion_pack (89D6C5AF0301010101 = Empyrean Fuel Cell)
    Missing: item_icons//vanity_cape_backpack_014_storm_legion_pack (8EB4F5CB0201010101 = Biofoundary Personal Power Pack)
    Missing: item_icons//summerfest2018_vanity_weapon_2h_sword_411 (8FADD8E80701010101 = Island Greatsword)
    Missing: item_icons//summerfest2018_vanity_weapon_2h_staff_411 (9D92EAD70701010101 = Island Staff)
    Missing: item_icons//summerfest2018_vanity_weapon_1h_sword_411 (AA8FC0DD0701010101 = Island Sword)
    Missing: item_icons//vanity_bahmi_male_helmet_441 (B09292940601010101 = Farclan Spritcaller Headdress)
    Missing: item_icons//vanity_bahmi_male_helmet_442 (B19292940601010101 = Farclan Warchief Headdress)
    Missing: item_icons//summerfest 2018_human_male_vanity_helmet_443 (B29292940601010101 = Island Mask, Mischievous)
    Missing: item_icons//summerfest 2018_human_male_vanity_helmet_444 (B39292940601010101 = Island Mask, Fierce)
    Missing: item_icons//summerfest 2018_human_male_vanity_helmet_446 (B49292940601010101 = Island Mask, Intimidating)
    Missing: item_icons//summerfest 2018_human_male_vanity_helmet_447 (B59292940601010101 = Island Mask, Mystical)
    Missing: item_icons//human_vanity_body_445 (B6C0D5980701010101 = Island Dancer Adornments)
    Missing: item_icons//summerfest2018_vanity_weapon_1h_axe_411 (C4A0F6900601010101 = Island Axe)
    Missing: item_icons//summerfest2018_vanity_weapon_1h_mace_411 (D7F3E2D80201010101 = Island Cudgel)
    Missing: item_icons//vanity_helmet_dragon_mask_440 (DF8DB9ED0F01010101 = Gold Dragonian Mask, Female)
    Missing: item_icons//vanity_helmet_dragon_mask_439 (E08DB9ED0F01010101 = Green Dragonian Mask, Female)
    Missing: item_icons//human_vanity_helmet_438_dragon_mask (E18DB9ED0F01010101 = Gold Dragonian Mask, Male)
    Missing: item_icons//human_vanity_helmet_437_dragon_mask (E28DB9ED0F01010101 = Green Dragonian Mask, Male)
    Missing: item_icons//summerfest2018_backpack_islandmask_016 (E8A89B7601010101 = Island Mask Backpack)
    Missing: item_icons//human_vanity_pants_445 (E98685F20701010101 = Island Dancer Skirt)
    Missing: item_icons//summerfest2018_vanity_weapon_1h_sword_411a (F0FA87FA0F01010101 = Island Shanker)
    Missing: item_icons//human_vanity_head_445 (F2E0E5860701010101 = Island Dancer Headdress)
    Missing: item_icons//summerfest2018_backpack_starfish_017 (F3ADD4910701010101 = Starfish Hitchhikers)
    Missing: item_icons//summerfest2018_vanity_weapon_2h_polearm_411 (F7DCD58C0201010101 = Island Warglaive)
    (2) The following 2 items, found in Discoveries, reference an icon in item_icons that is actually in ability_icons. Please correct.

    Missing: item_icons//generic_ability_012_b (8BEBA9E50601010101 = Eldritch Wings)
    Missing: item_icons//cavalier_01 (8E83E0BF0201010101 = Vigil's Radiance)

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    Hi! I just noticed the new item icon dump from the 12th! Thank you!

    Here's the list of new icons between the 2018 03 14 and 2018 10 12 icon dumps: https://rift.events/tmp/item_icons_n...4_20181012.txt

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