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Thread: Legendary Condemn is broken

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    Default Legendary Condemn is broken

    Expected Behavior: Tooltip says 112076 damage per stack of deathly calling (after buffs etc), and enemy has 10 stacks of deathly calling, therefore assuming around 1120760 damage over 16 seconds (before debuffs/crits).

    Actual behavior: Around 450000 damage over 16 seconds, which is well shy of the projected damage, and even worse when you consider debuffs and other effects modifying it.

    Other Notes:
    There are also 10 hits of Condemn almost immediately on cast, each of which is about 1/20 the total damage each (so about half the total damage done), and then 8 ticks for about 1/16 the damage each (the other half of the damage)... (quite confused as to what/how this works).

    It seems that half of the current damage is done immediately as the stacks go up, and then the other half of the damage done is divided over the 8 ticks that happen over the 16 second duration.
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    Experiencing damage problems with L Condemn as well.

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    I did several parses with Legendary Condemn yesterday after the patch.

    The skill is currently doing roughly 15% of the damage it was capable of doing pre-patch. Total damage output with full buffs is still less than the unbuffed tooltip damage. Clearly not properly calculating damage.

    The biggest loss in damage appears to be from the initial hits. The previous version of Condemn did significantly higher damage on application. This mechanic appears to be gone entirely and instead is just basing the number of hits on the number of stacks with numbers roughly 80% less than pre-patch.

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