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Thread: Improper Scaling of Potions

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    Default Improper Scaling of Potions

    Okay, at level 22 i was synced in Freemarch to level 20. The level 15 potion i was using normally heals for 963. Remember this is a level 15 potion not a level 25. When synced from 22 to 20, this level 15 potion heals for 742. Got a level from a dungeon and now it heals for 664.

    This makes no sense to me. I understand scaling is meant to make it to where you are more suited to the area and it is still not trivial in a good many cases, but to level sync a potion that is level 15 is nonsense. How can you scale something to a lesser level when it already is a lesser level. Please get back to me and i will attach 2 screenshots.

    The numbers are in the bottom right hand corner
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Improper Scaling of Potions-2018-05-29_140146.jpg   Improper Scaling of Potions-2018-05-29_140212.jpg  

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