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Thread: Ach "Hailol is having fun"

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    Default Ach "Hailol is having fun"

    I have been going back and doing some of the tedious old achs that I haven't done. I do not know if this is really a bug but it is annoying either way.

    For the ach in dendrome for "hailol is having fun" you have to convert 500 footholds to hailol footholds using the "flare: hailol".

    The issue is like 90% of the footholds in dendrome are fire ones. Of those fire ones 90% are Blast Pods from the hellbug addition. The flare will not work on blast pod footholds, it says it has be a planar foothold. I shard hop and hit the non fire ones but there are so few. Then I run to fire footholds hoping they are not a blast pod, but alas almost all of them are. So I spend all my time running around to footholds only to see my flare not work on them.

    I give up, I need 375 more of them and most of my time is shard hoping and running around to footholds that are apparently not really footholds. Please make blast pod footholds be considered as planar footholds or at least make footholds spawn less as blast pods.

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    I'm working on that achievement too at the moment and agree the blast pods are annoying. They look like normal fire footholds on the map so why can't we use the flare on them?
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    just completely ignore any fire footholds you see on the map..
    if you are gonna be walking past the fire footholds to get to the other planar types then check them and destroy them if they are hellbug ones

    this cheevo is very time consuming, mostly because of the hellbug footholds getting in the way!
    i found it easier to keep my sanity by breaking it up and mixing in the strongholds as well

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